Signs you are misusing your refrigerator | Avoid Appliance Repair

Little Elm appliance repair – Here are signs you want to look out for incase you are not aware if you are using your appliances properly or not.

Do you know that you can damage your refrigerator? You can have the latest refrigerator that can tell that you are out of your favorite ice cream but did you know that your bad habits can get you in trouble and find yourself looking for a refrigerator appliance repair?

Sign #1: Overloading your fridge

Not because your fridge have space for more food does not mean you can fill it up to brim. It is considered a bad habit to overload your fridge. It could block the cool air vent, and the air can’t circulate properly. Quick solution is to regularly clean out your fridge. Check those expiry dates and toss anything past its prime.

Sign #2: Not cleaning your condenser coils

Avoid looking for Little Elm appliance repair by regularly cleaning your condenser coils. Here is a quick tutorial on how to clean condenser coils. You’re welcome! You can also get a brush designed to clean condenser coils. All you have to do is dust it off and it is recommended to clean your coils at least twice a year.

Sign #3: Forgetting to change your water filter

Water filters are designed so you can have clean water to drink and ice to use. Neglecting to filter is a sure ingredient for pollutants and also prevents the fridge from doing its job of safeguarding your health by providing clean water. This can also cause sediment build up and other gunks inside your pipe.

Sign #4: Not cleaning up spills

You don’t want a messy fridge! Did you know that not cleaning up the leaks and spills of your fridge can put your health in danger? Having a fridge full of spills can contribute to the growth of bacteria, viruses, and even parasites. It is recommended to clean your fridge every 2 weeks using a mild cleaning solution so get up and don’t be lazy!

Sign #5: Not checking if your gaskets are leaking

Gaskets are the rubber that lines the door of your fridge. Damaged gaskets can leak the cool of your fridge. If the gasket has crack or torn or loose, you need to call an appliance service repair near you to replace it.

There you go! Quick tips on how your habits can ruin your refrigerator. Watch out for more tips and tricks like this in the future!

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